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We help you turnaround your financial health with fast-paced recovery

Our Quick Solution for your B2B Debt Collection Concerns

We, at Kenstone, speak your customer’s language and understand your concerns, local cultural blocks, and legal processes. Our local expertise with global standards, tech-enabled efficient, and effective methods act as the cornerstone for fast-paced seamless delivery and maximize returns for your business.

Advance the Relationship between Creditor & Debtor

Our B2B Debt Recovery Agency upholds the relationship between creditor and debtor at every possible instance, and our goal is to realize the highest value with a constant focus towards ROI. We take an active interest and part in the success of your business.

“Our experts fix your B2B debt collection disquiets for a better future.”

Our B2B Debt Collection Features

Financial institutions, corporates, small businesses, and even an individual are often effected by Bad Debt Collection accounts. Our B2B Debt Collection agency is the most cost-effective deal for such companies. The reason is relatively simple – We have multiple features that give you access to some excellent services.

  • Customized debt collection approach
  • Quick payments
  • Worldwide collection
  • Amicable approach
  • Expertise in the local law and practices
  • Maximum return on investment

Benefits of Choosing KenStone Capital

We have a dedicated team of debt recovery experts who specialize in various services. Right from the post-litigation advice, our professionals guide you entirely until the debt is recovered. Our other benefits include:

  • Easy to use the online debt collection system.
  • Our debt collection specialists are experts in local law and practices.
  • We work hand-in-hand with you to achieve the maximum return on investment.
  • By allocating the debt recovery process to us, you can concentrate on your primary business.
  • Having us collate your debts is the most cost-effective alternative to legal proceedings.
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Our B2B Debt Recovery Agency is unlike the Crowd

We have an exhaustive debtor tracking and tracing services to find up-to-date whereabouts of the debtor who were being elusive to avoid paying the debt. Where letters and telephone calls fail to make an impact and elicit a response from the debtor, our B2B Debt Collection Agency will make a productive personal site visit to gather intelligence and negotiate with the debtor.

We customize our debt recovery strategy to fit the needs of our clients. We process demand letters to the debtor, with each one getting more demanding and aggressive. When the need arises, our B2B debt recovery experts will initiate legal action, and our panel of lawyers will advise and help you recover your receivables.

We Keep You Updated Until We Recover Your Receivables

Kenstone Capital offers a comprehensive accounts receivables collection and management solution to help businesses focus on its core and never worry about liquidity crisis. It takes the mid path to optimize your credit policy and maximize collection efforts to maintain healthy liquidity.

We understand that the moment the accounts age beyond the regular credit period of 45 to 60 days, it starts eating on the profits, and later increases the risk of it turning into bad debt. Also, irregular maintenance of credit policies can hamper your objectives.

If your credit policy is too tight,

  • Minimal costs but restricted sales
  • Minimal bad debts but restricted profits

If your credit policy is too loose,

  • Higher sales but increased costs
  • Higher profits but problems of liquidity

To overcome such challenges, it is recommended to outsource your Account Receivables to the trustworthy agencies.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Account Receivables:

  • Cash flow will be hail and healthy
  • Repeated orders
  • Reduced cash crunch and hence chronic stress
  • Focused efforts on driving and growing the business
Optimized-cash flow positive
Optimized-no more account receivables

We Frame Strategy for Bad Debt Collection Payers

Not all the debt collection organizations uplift your business growth. Some agencies are known to harm your business severely. However, hiring our experts will resolve such challenges. We invest adequate time to plan a suitable strategy for every bad debt collection payer based on their past.

Besides, we make use of specific metrics to classify the bad debt in the category of the real bad debt or deliberate bad debt before implementing our set plan. We realize some bad debt creators are your loyal clients who could bring in business in the future.

Our Experts Handle your Debt Collection Cases

Besides, all your debt collection cases are handled and managed by professionally certified legal savvy local experts. As debt collection experts, we have understood most of the excuses businesses cut when they cannot clear the invoice.

We have the comprehensive know-how to deal with it and exert the right amount of pressure to ensure the returns. So, worry not. Our Debt Collection Agency in India can help you the most in your needed times!

Strategize, Create & Deploy a fool proof Debt Collection plot

We are on a mission to resolve the global debt crisis and arrest losses. Are your assets suffering because of defaults?

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to reach the debtor through email, phone calls and sometimes even by fax, depending on the available information. We also attempt to identify additional information and trace the debtor in order to get in contact. In some cases, our agents may be used to trace or visit the debtor's business premises.

When it comes to collecting late debts, we do consider old invoices, but in general, the older the particular case, the lower the probability of full collection. If the oldest invoice is due for more than 180 days, an extra 2% fee will be paid on top of the standard commission rate after a successful recovery.

It usually takes about 90 days to deal with each case. This also varies depending on the status of contact with the debtor. If we are not successful in the initial stage, we will provide you with our recommendations for further action.