Vehicle Loan Recovery

Helping Banks and Other Financial Institutions With Fast-Paced Vehicle Loan Recovery Services

Introduction to Vehicle Loan Recovery

Whenever a person default three consecutive payments of EMI on vehicle loan, bank issues a letter to the person –stating that “within seven days you need to pay your vehicle EMI or else your vehicle will be seized.” If a person failed to pay the amount, bank will authorize recovery agency and issues an authorization letter to seize the particular vehicle and this is where the term “Vehicle Loan Recovery” comes into the picture.

Offering Complete Vehicle Loan Recovery Solutions

As most of the banks are facing difficulties in getting their vehicle loans paid, we at KenStone Capital decided to help banks and financial institutions whose loans have been unpaid or defaulted. From two-wheeler vehicle loan to truck and lorry loans, we cover all type of vehicle loan recovery services that support banks in collecting their outstanding debts.

“Our debt recovery agents can help you recover the money you are owed!”

Leading Vehicle Loan Recovery Experts in India

With a dedicated team of vehicle loan recovery experts, we at Kenstone Capital specialize in tracing and seizing hypothecated vehicles whose loans are defaulted. Our group of vehicle loan recovery agents are specially trained in tracing and locating vehicles under any conditions. Furthermore, our vehicle loan recovery specialists are experts in local law and practices which help you to get paid faster.

As a leading vehicle loan recovery agency, our expert team combined with advanced technologies, offers one stop solution for complete cycle of vehicle loan recovery. We are committed to use the best practices, with state-of-the-art technologies enabling us to maximize loan recovery and increase your revenue.

Supporting Banks Through Best-In-Class Vehicle Loan Recovery Solutions

Are you finding complexities in getting payment on vehicle loan EMIs from borrowers? Tired of sending dunning letters and reminder calls? No worries! We are here to offer a comprehensive vehicle loan recovery solution to help banks focus on its core business activities and never worry about liquidity crisis.

Whenever you outsource your vehicle loan recovery to KenStone Capital, we take utmost care in handling your customer to find a win-win deal. As a leading debt recovery agency, we strive hard to uphold the relationship between you and your customer. Furthermore, we can maximize collection efforts to maintain healthy liquidity.


Our Approach Towards Vehicle Loan Recovery

At KenStone Capital, we follow a systematic approach in vehicle loan recovery followed by tracing and locating vehicles. Once we located vehicle along with borrower, our professional team try to negotiate with him/her to get your loan paid. If he/she failed to pay loan amount, we start seizing the vehicle by showing them a bank authorization letter. Later, with the help our expert drivers, we will send those vehicles to parking space.

At some instances, if the vehicle is locked, we start vehicle towing and send those vehicles to the dedicated parking lot without making any damages to vehicle. Here, we use state of art parking space to keep vehicles under surveillance. Also, we continually keep you informed of all the vehicles parked at our facility. Later, the bank will start auction and fix the right value by identifying the right buyers.

Employing Automated Tools To Maximize Recovery

Instead of sending authorization letter and making phone calls to recovery agency, you can directly post the details of borrower whose vehicle need to be seized on our platform. With this automated platform you can save time and resources. Whenever you posted the details of borrower and vehicle, one of our vehicle loan recovery experts will take up the job and start process.

To make the entire process of vehicle loan recovery simpler and effective, we use our KenStone Capital platform where banks can see the status of the vehicle seizing including pictures of vehicles that are seized and kept in state of art parking lot. Also, we will send the address of parking lot where vehicles are kept through email.


Benefits of Choosing Kenstone Capital’s Vehicle Loan Recovery Service

At KenStone Capital, We have a dedicated team of vehicle loan recovery experts who specialize in various services. Right from tracing the vehicles to seizing the vehicles, our professionals guide you entirely until the loan is recovered. Our other benefits include:

  • Highest ethical standards and Fair vehicle loan recovery practices
  • Leaders’ in vehicle loan recovery
  • Global coverage with strong local presence
  • Highly trained and sophisticated vehicle loan recovery agents
  • Highly secured and sophisticated Parking lots
  • Automated Technology to keep you updated from end-to-end
  • Fast paced vehicle loan recovery service to maximize your return.

Let Us Help You With Our Best-In-Class Vehicle Loan Recovery Services!

If you are tired of sending letters and making calls to customers who defaulted vehicle loan EMIs and you are ready to do something about it, Contact us today and we are here to maximize your Vehicle Loan Recovery in hassle-free way!