Vehicle Loan Recovery

We at Kenstone Capital specialize in tracing and seizing hypothecated vehicles to banks and other financial institutions whose loans have been unpaid or defaulted.

We understand that ‘Time determines your return on investment’. Hence, we shall help you in recovering dues at a record pace.

How Kenstone Capital Can Serve You?

At the outset, We understand that your customer is the king, so we take utmost care in handling your customer and leverage our communication skills to find a win-win deal. Our group of debt recovery agents are specially trained in tracing and locating vehicles under any conditions. We can help you recover all those long-standing dues that is on the run. We have highly secure and networked parking facilities. We continually keep you informed of all the vehicles parked at our facility.

Strategize, Create and Deploy a foolproof vehicle loan recovery plot

Work with a dedicated team of Vehicle Recovery experts to recover loans that is on the run.

We help you ascertain the following of a borrower

Vehicle Towing

Expert Drivers

State of the art parking space

Organising the Bulk Auction

Fixing the Right Value

Finding the Right Buyers

Benefits of choosing Kenstone Capital

  • Highest ethical standards and Fair debt collection practices
  • Leaders’ in vehicle loan recovery
  • Global coverage with strong local presence
  • Highly trained and sophisticated debt recovery agents
  • Highly secured and sophisticated Parking lots
  • Technology to keep you updated dot to dot
  • Fast paced service to maximize your return on investment

Why Kenstone capital?

We are on a mission to solve the global debt crisis and arrest losses. Are your assets suffering because of defaults?

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