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Keep Full Control Over Your Account Receivables Management With Fynamics O2C

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    Introduction to Fynamics O2C

    Fynamics O2C is Accounting Receivables (AR) software which was recently launched by Fynamics Techno Solutions. It is a highly configurable and multi-channel accounts receivable management platform which helps businesses of all sizes to manage their Accounts Receivables (AR) / Cash management process.

    A Complete AR Management Software To Make Your Accounting Hassle-Free

    Fynamics Software solution for account receivables removes all the common obstacles that prevent today's businesses from collecting receivables in a timely manner. From invoice delivery to cash application, Fynamics AR solution automates the areas of account receivable management that matter most to your business.

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    “Our Automated Account Recievables (AR) Solution Helps Businesses Get Paid in Timely Manner”

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    Standardize Your Business Processes With AR Automation

    Are your accounts receivable management processes slowing down your turnaround time? Are you
    searching for a way to enhance your procedures and Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)? Look no further
    we are here with business accounts receivable automation programme from Fynamics Techno
    The AR automation solution by Fynamics O2C is dynamic system that can help your business
    substantially reduce the time from invoice to payment. From automating routine activities and
    allowing your staff to concentrate on revenue-building work such as collections and customer
    relationship management, the system effectively helps you manage your accounts.

    “Our Automated Account Recievables (AR) Solution Helps Businesses Get Paid in Timely Manner”

    Simplify Your Accounts Receivable Management With Fynamics O2C

    A healthy cash flow is the sign of a healthy business, and this happens when your account
    receivables are managed in a well-functioned manner. Now you can easily increase your cash flow
    while reducing the time spent on chasing invoice payments by automating the collection activities of
    receivable accounts with Fynamics O2C.
    With a robust and scalable system, Fynamics’ cloud-based Accounts Receivable (AR) management
    software ensures timely, effective customer communication while reducing the burden on teams
    that are managing account receivables and operating costs. In addition to that, it performs various
    critical back- office tasks including accounting, compliance & reporting.

    Features of Fynamics O2C in terms of Receivable Management:

     Invoice auto-flow (SFTP) or template upload from billing system
     Target setting and allocations to AR team / agents

     Target vs Actuals on real time basis, by individual AR executive / agent
     Client portal for instant viewing of invoices & payment submission
     Internal workflows for approvals and data dissemination
     Notifications, reminders and pop-up warning messages
     View Real-time AR ledger & Aging reports

    Get End-To-End Visibility in Your Accounts Receivables Management

    Get real-time visibility with Fynamics O2C’s built-in and configurable dashboards , reports, graphs,
    and charts. Also, get a complete picture on customer aging, recurring invoices, deferred revenue,
    invoice analyses and more. With Fynamics, you can analyze AR data from a various perspectives to
    get complete view of your business.
    Fynamics O2C’s AR Application provides businesses with:
     Effortless BRS reconciliation
     TDS reports and easy reconciliation
     Intra-communication features within the application
     Automated Dunning letters and client follow up
     Dispute management portal
     Minimum-to-negligible scope for errors or fraud

    Automate Your Billings And Collections

    Any delay between the closing of the deal and related invoicing decreases the Days Sale Outstanding
    and hence creates negative impact on your cash flow. With the Fynamics O2C’s account receivables
    functionality, this process will start immediately and will be automated in the future.
    Fynamics AR solution reduces costs and increases cash flow by allowing you to easily handle
    customer interactions through organised, automated processes. Integrating with this application
    enables you to send configurable reminders to customers while allocating owners to collection cases
    to ensure transparency.

    Benefits of Fynamics Accounts Receivables Solution

    With our new-age accounting receivables automated solution; you can experience the following
     Save your time and resources with online data availability
     You can Log in from anywhere since application is hosted on cloud
     Manpower optimization owing to automation & system support
     Managed risk environment, reduces elaborate supervision
     Record management is negligible due to availability of online data
     Saves cost on storage & maintenance of hard copy records

    Join Thousands Who are Opting Fynamics For Effective Cash Flow!

    Regardless of your business type and industry, our accounts receivable automated system will help
    you get paid for your goods and services quickly while cutting back on various labor costs.

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