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    Depending on the type of the debt and the debtor, sometimes it is necessary to choose a legal path in order to recover a debt successfully. However, there are various methods available to proceed with legal collection but choosing the right one at the right time can make all the difference. In order to advise and collaborate with our clients at each step of debt recovery, we at KenStone Capital have a team of legal experts specialized in b2b debt collection.

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    A Best-In Class Legal Debt Collection Support For Businesses Of All Sizes

    Regardless of business size, type and location, our Legal Collection services help you take action against your debtor. We can help you with insolvency actions including statutory demands, winding up petitions & bankruptcy petitions as well as possession orders & return of goods claims. Furthermore, we provide additional support in understanding the more complex aspects of legal collection cases.

    “Our Legal Collection Services Helps Businesses Get Paid in Timely Manner”

    Specialized Legal Collection Services To Facilitate Good Results

    Whenever an amicable debt collection attempts have been exhausted, it is the time to consider legal collection. Although taking legal action is always a last option, but sometimes it is necessary to engage in more rigorous and decisive campaigns to facilitate results. The Legal Collection Services offered at Kenstone Capital Recoveries are delivered through strategic alliances with independent legal firms.

    At Kenstone Capital, if our pre-legal actions have not been successful, we provide subsequent litigation collection services. Our expert team specialized in Legal Collections focuses on helping you solve the difficulties of taking legal action against your debtors. In addition to that, we provide expert advice, expected results and access to a global network of attorneys.

    Qualified And Experienced Attorneys To Initiate Legal Activities

    The legal department at KenStone Capital works with a network of specialist law firms that enable you to initiate legal activities across the nation. These firms handle complex portfolios and are highly successful in handling the debt recovery cases.

    Additionally, our legal team gives you an expert advice on the feasibility of your legal action and insight into the expected result. Our team offers special and comprehensive local expertise to provide a scalable international solution. This covers a wide variety of various business cultures, laws and regulations on debt collection.

    We Are Committed To Deliver High Quality Services

    With a nation-wide client base, we at KeStone Capital are committed to provide a complete and cost effective legal collection services which include pre-legal collections, litigation, judgment enforcement and insolvency actions, as well as other ancillary services associated with debt recovery including credit control and tracing.

    • Our effective legal debt collection strategies include:
    • Bringing both the parties to the negotiation table.
    • Identifying the existing problems.
    • Establishing facts.
    • Clarifying issues.
    • Developing options for the settlements.
    • Ultimately reaching agreement by receiving written acknowledgement from the debtor.
    • Keeping stable relationships with clients.

    Providing In-Depth Legal Advice From Start To Finish

    Before going down to the legal road, we give you detailed advice about the further legal proceedings and possible costs involved in it. Throughout the legal collection process, we will support you with a full range of legal recommendations regarding feasibility, issuing summonses and pressing for seizures, and more.

    Furthermore, we help streamline and improve the legal collection processes while providing you with an experienced and courteous team of lawyers. With us on board, you can lessen the burden of bad debt while increasing the current cash flow and achieve profitability.

    Benefits of Outsourcing your Account Receivables:

    Benefits Of Choosing Kenstone Capital’s Legal Collection Services

    At KenStone Capital, We have a dedicated team of legal experts who specialize in debt recovery services. Right from litigation services to recovering the debt, our professionals guide you entirely until your debt is recovered. Our other benefits include:

    • Offering advice on appropriate and possible legal action and the expected outcome.
    • Granting access to our legal networks including: lawyers, knowledge and expertise.
    • Providing complete Legal collection activities (court action and enforcement measures)
    • Accompanying you throughout your all legal proceedings.
    • Providing cost effective action due to preferential rates that are pre-negotiated with legal practices.

    What Sets Our Legal Collection Service Apart

    Unlike other agencies, we are not limited with skip-tracing systems, we use cutting-edge search tools and databases to locate debtors, identify their employment, property ownership, bank accounts and other enforcement avenues that are necessary to recover your debt successfully.

    Furthermore, we provide you with specialist advice and collect your money across the globe. As an industry-leading debt recovery agency, we can collect your money regardless of the location or legal jurisdiction. With us on-board, you can start getting the money you are owed without any delay.

    Proceeding with legal actions can be quite challenging which requires expert advice and representation. As a leading debt collection agency, we have the knowledge, experience and the expertise that turns your legal collection needs to a positive conclusion!

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