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Fast, Assertive Debt Collection by Experienced Professionals

From past few years, Kenstone Capital has helped many financial institutions, and accounts receivable departments to streamline their collection process. Our professional, ethical approach in debt recovery offers essential services to recover outstanding debts, improve credit control and even help your business to avoid future problems. Being a specialist debt collection agency, our team of experts are trained and completely dedicated to ensure your debts are paid fast.

Serving Businesses Across Chennai With Proven Debt Collection Strategies

Kenstone Capital is a market leader in debt collection industry with the latest technology and proven collection methods. Trusted by over thousands of businesses, we provide professional debt collection services to businesses of all sizes across Chennai. Our fully regulated & accredited debt collection experts strive to fulfil your b2b collection needs that in turn will increase your cash flow.

“Our debt collection professionals can help you recover the money you are owed!”

A Complete “End To End” Solution to Improve Your Cash Flow

At Kenstone Capital, what set us apart from our competitors is – our comprehensive approach in improving your cash flow while virtually eliminating your delinquent receivables at the most competitive rates. Furthermore, we offer a unique blend of collection and legal services that result in a complete “end to end” solution to your b2b debt collection, credit and receivable problems.

As a trusted b2b debt collection organization, our debt recovery agency in Chennai has set right standards in the collection industry with custom program design, technological advancements, and most importantly, our commitment towards unparalleled customer service.

Mending Customer Relationships

At Kenstone Capital, our main priority is to establish, build and maintain a customer relationship with trust and reliability. In all our b2b debt collection dealings, you can always expect us to treat your customers with dignity and respect, while ensuring that you’re promptly paid what is owed to you.

All of our debt collection associates have extensive experience in the field of collection along with superior communication and negotiation knowledge that facilitates the amicable debt collection. Furthermore, we provide a hassle-free and effective collection process, while maintaining the highest customer service standards.

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Recover Your Debts In A Timely And Cost Effective Manner

The diplomatic and competent approach has put us at the forefront of the debt collection industry. At Kenstone Capital, our debt recovery service is a cost-effective way to accomplish immediate payment. Our experienced and professional team of debt collectors are always available for any of the support needed by our clients.

In addition to that, we understand the complex regulatory environment that customers of our collection agency handle every day. Our knowledge towards accounts receivable management industry helps us to overcome business challenges and increase the success of their recovery.

The Most Comprehensive Debt Recovery Services

No matter what type of business you are involved in and no matter where you are located in Chennai, our collection process starts immediately whenever you outsource your debt collection duties to us. We use combination of letters emails and regular telephone calls to recover debts that are past due – typically by 90 days or more. With our comprehensive bet recovery solutions, you can get:

    • Customer Tracking and Data Validation Services
    • Early and Late-stage Debt Collections
    • Debt Dispute Management Services
    • Debt Portfolio Management
    • Customizable Debt Collection Services
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Data Security Is Our Top-Most Priority

At Kenstone Capital, we provide industry-leading data security and compliance. Our industry-leading Compliance Management System (CMS) includes a variety of strategies, processes, services, and controls that ensure our debt recovery solutions comply with federal, state, and local consumer laws and regulations.

As a recognized leader within the debt collection industry, we aim to safeguard your data and your customer’s data from malicious hackers. For that we will link all security controls into a single framework that is controlled, regulated, checked and continuously strengthened through automation and oversight.

Let’s Take The First Step Towards Debt Recovery, Together!

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