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    Optimised Credit Management Consulting Services That Reduce Costs

    Credit Management is considered as one of the most important activities in any business. Due to lack of sufficient knowledge and expertise, most of the businesses could face issues with credit management. As Credit Management covers wide-variety of aspects, each business has its own priorities. At Kenstone Capital, our Credit Management Consulting Services are designed to analyse existing systems of business and identify opportunities to improve processes and reduce costs.

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    Delivering Credit Management Solutions To Businesses Of All Sizes

    Regardless of business type, size and industry, we are dedicated to deliver credit management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our Credit Risk Management Consulting service provides you with a dedicated consultant to evaluate and optimise the process of credit management and train your employees on the most effective techniques to enhance accounts receivables.

    “Our credit management consultant can help you recover the money you are owed!”

    An End-To-End Solution For Mitigating All Your Credit Risks

    At KenStone Capital, our objective is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the credit management process and to create a sustainable approach that free up cash flow and reduce costs through people and process lead solutions.  For that, we work with you to transform Credit Management into a significant business opportunity, while reducing risk.

    With an extensive experience and a current knowledge on best practices, state-of-art technologies, regulatory guidance and third-party solutions, we help clients to optimize their credit function at each level. In addition to that, we deliver real-time results in terms of direct financial benefits, increased agility, improved employee & stakeholder engagement and customer satisfaction.

    Our Approach Towards Credit Management

    To start with the process, we’ll advise you on immediate changes that you could make to your credit management process. However, our Credit Management Consulting service is designed not only to address your current business needs but also helps your business in longer-run. For that, we are committed to provide you with a solid and on-going plan that can move forward with targeted improvements to your business while providing required training to your accounts team.

    In addition to that, we work with you to understand your current processes and challenges then we help you to design the relevant credit policies and procedures required for your company. Also, we can help you overhaul your existing credit policies and assist you in streamlining your procedures to avail secure faster payment.

    How We Can Help With Our Credit Management Services

    In order to deliver a real tangible impact, we take time to understand your business strategy, so that we can recognise important risks and opportunities beyond the traditional credit management approach. With a wide emphasis on emerging developments and innovations, our experts offer strategic and tactical credit management services to the highest standards of independence customised to your business-specific needs.

    In addition to that, we can help you with:

    • Identification of potential risks in your business and provide guidance on how to achieve an optimum order-to-cash process.
    • Enhanced ad-interim assistance to ensure that your unique needs are addressed with business continuity.
    • Customized in-depth training to better optimise the existing knowledge centre for credit management.
    • Implementation of technologies and credit management tools that suit your set of requirements.

    Optimize Your Credit Management With Our Effective Solutions

    At KenStone Capital, our service line provides comprehensive end-to-end industry solutions designed to help customers optimise order-to-cash processes, determine acceptable exposure and risk levels, implement controls, and provide continuous process growth measurement. Combined with the right mix of financial control, technology and risk management components, we deliver strong optimization techniques that are at the centre of the credit management strategy.

    Whether you are looking to optimise your internal processes, strategically select and implement credit management solutions or enhanced ad-interim support, our aim is to provide effective solutions tailored to your particular needs. In addition, we care for your company’s well-being and make real tangible optimisations with regard to personal communication and commercial inclination.

    Increase The Profitability Of Your Business With Our Robust Credit Processes

    At KenStone Capital, our credit management consultancy service is designed to ensure that we add value to your business. With a team of team of experienced Credit Management Consultants, we tailor a solution that fits to your business-specific needs and help you to improve cash flow, reduce bad debts and improve customer retention.

    Furthermore, our service will give you a new perspective and new ideas to manage your credit. With the help of our effective credit control policies and a robust credit processes, we will advise you on the development of the best practices to increase the profitability of your business.

    Delivering An On Going Support For Global Financial Institutions

    With a client-focused approach, we provide credit consulting services to global financial institutions across variety of industries. As a leading credit management consulting firm, we employ leading industry methodologies to customize our solutions in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

    With the following best practices, we provide continuous guidance in Credit Management.

    • Cash Flow Management & Forecasting
    • Credit Control Processes
    • Credit Control Policies and Procedures
    • Telephone Techniques
    • Dispute Management
    • Bespoke Services

    No matter what type of Credit Risk Management issue you’re facing, we collaborate with you to provide tangible business solutions that reduce credit risk, bad debt write-offs, improve cash flow and ultimately enhance the company’s bottom line!

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