B2B Debt Collection Agency In Mumbai

Offering complete debt recovery solutions with proactive legal actions

Collect All Your Past-Due Debts From Difficult Defaulters In A Hassle-Free Way

As a premier debt collection agency, our expert team combined with advanced technologies, offers one stop solution for complete cycle of debt recovery management. We are committed to use best practices, with state-of-the-art technologies enabling us to maximize debt recovery and increase your revenue.

A Full Service Debt Collection Agency That Serves Clients Across The Mumbai

With years of experience and extensive knowledge in the collection industry, Kenstone Capital is one of the Best Collection Agencies in Mumbai to help you with your delinquent accounts across all industries including insurance companies, healthcare providers, and other scales of business.

“Our debt collection professionals can help you recover the money you are owed!”

Get the Maximum Debt Recovery From Each of Your Accounts!

To maximize your recovery, we will assign a collection team that has expertise within your industry. Our proprietary debt collection methodology has a proven track record of delivering the best possible outcomes within the short period of time. Supported by an in-house legal team, we have the knowledge and experience to recover your outstanding debts effectively.

At Kenstone Capital, our debt recovery process includes combination of letters, e-mails, telephone calls and more. The exact combination of our letters and calls will be based on the value of the debt, the response of the debtor, and in compliance with the law.

Your Customer Relationships Will Be Maintained with Greater Care

While interacting with your clients, we’ll maintain the highest level of professionalism and accuracy to protect your business relationships and without causing any damage to your brand’s reputation. Also, we will take an active part in the success of your business.

Furthermore, our B2B Debt Recovery Agency upholds the relationship between creditor and debtor at each stage of debt recovery process, and attains the highest value in collecting your bad debts with a constant focus towards ROI.

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Our Debt Collection Service Matches To Your Business Requirements

At Kenstone Capital, our debt recovery services are customized based on your business requirements; therefore, we can give you the options and together we develop a plan on how to approach the debtors. Furthermore, we offer cost-effective b2b commercial debt collection services which can make your job easy and simple.

We Help You To Improve Your Corporate Cash Flow

Our debt collection agency in Mumbai has set the right industry standard as a reputable Debt Recovery organization. Our experienced debt recovery agents will offer an in-depth plan and approach to collect your account receivables including credit risk, collections, reconciliation, deduction/dispute/exception management, and more.

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Benefits Of Choosing KenStone Capital As Your Debt Recovery Agent

At KenStone Capital, we are committed to help our clients with custom outsourcing solutions to expedite bad recovery and increase account receivables. From amicable process to litigation stage, we cover every stage of b2b debt recovery and collection cycle. Our other benefits include:

  • Easy to use online b2b debt collection system.
  • Our b2b debt collection professionals are experts in local law and practices.
  • We work hand-in-hand with you to achieve the maximum ROI.
  • By allocating the debt recovery process to us, you can concentrate on your business goals.
  • Having us collate your b2b debts is the most cost-effective alternative to legal proceedings.

Unable to Collect Your Past Due Debts? No Worries! We are there to improve your cash flow irrespective of your business and trade.

If you’re really looking for an appropriate agency that uplifts your debt recovery, then partnering with KenStone Capital will make your day-to-day accounts receivable management significantly easier!

Strategize, Create & Deploy a fool proof Debt Collection plot

We are on a mission to resolve the global debt crisis and arrest losses. Are your assets suffering because of defaults?