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A Comprehensive Debt Recovery Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

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Regardless of industry, your business needs to receive income in order to pay off the bills. Whenever your customers and clients continue to deny your invoices and payment requests, you need a collection agency to intervene it. At Kenstone Capital, we are here to support businesses that have no further way to recover the debts owed to them.

A Full-Service Debt Collection Agency

We are a collection agency in Kerala with a track record of success and serving major industries with debt collection and accounts receivable management services. As a full-service agency, we continually align with the changing demands of the debt collections industry. What makes us the best debt collection agency in Kerala also makes us the best choice to deal with your debt recovery challenges.

“Our debt collection professionals can help you recover the money you are owed!”

A Pre-defined Solution to Your Overdue Accounts

Delinquent accounts may take a toll on your business, but there’s no reason that they should put your business out of service. Why should you accept a loss when there are viable options at your disposal that can help you receive the money you’ve earned?

At Kenstone Capital, we specialize in the bad debt recovery, and we help companies maximize their profits while providing them with unrivalled customer service. As a commercial debt collection agency with a qualified and professional team, we can recover your past due debts while allowing you to continue your usual day-to-day life without any complications.

Maintaining A High Standard Of Success

As a well-established collection agency with years of experience and an unprecedented success rate, we understand how to manage this end-to-end debt collection process. Over the years, our team of experienced debt collectors have worked with innumerable customers and have a in-depth understanding of this process.

Furthermore, we use proven collection methods combined with state-of-art technologies to get back the money you owed. Our partnership with extensive network of debt collectors, collection attorneys and other professionals help us to maintain a high standard of success in b2b debt recovery and accounts receivable management.

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Our Amicable Approach Towards Debt Collection

At Kenstone Capital, we take our position as a top-rated debt collection agency while helping businesses to tackle any specific receivables challenge. Our team of experts don’t just collect debt on behalf of our clients — we work to maintain our customer relationships.

Our professional and amicable approach towards debt recovery ensures that our clients maintain a positive and lasting relationship with their customers. In addition to that, our B2B debt collection agents will make a professional site visit to collect information and negotiate with the debtor.

Strategic and Effective Collection Techniques That Yield Better Results

Strategies for b2b debt collections can depend on how a business is structured. At Kenstone Capital, we handle debt collection with a simple and focused strategy to recover your money as quickly as possible.

When dealing with proprietorships, we will consult the owner. If your business owed money by a corporation, then we will speak to the accounting or finance department. Regardless of the size and structure of a business, our collections officials will ensure that you receive your payment. Our strategic and effective collection techniques help you receive your hard-earned money.

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Unique Features of Our B2B Debt Collection Service

Kenstone Capital has everything to offer companies that are looking to collect debt and improve corporate cash flow. Our cost-effective collections solution can make us an extension of your organization. In addition to that, our b2b debt collection service offers exceptional features which include:

  • Quick payments
  • International Debt Recovery
  • Customized debt collection approach
  • Amicable approach in Debt Collection
  • Expertise in the local law, customs and practices
  • Maximum return on investment
  • And More

Let Us Take On The Hassle Of Your B2b Debt Collections!

If you are tired of sending invoices to customers who ignore them and you are ready to do something about it, Contact us today and we are here to collect your past due debts.