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A Comprehensive Debt Recovery Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

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    Providing Debt Recovery Assistance To Businesses Of All Sizes

    Turn your company’s unpaid receivables into enhanced cash flow, whether they’re across the street or across the nation. Kenstone Capital has a broad network of debt collectors and legal counsel, allowing us to engage with your customers in their native language and with a complete understanding of the regulations in their area.

    Domestic & International Debt Collection Services With Charges Applicable only on collected.

    Best Contingent Rates

    Best in the industry!

    No Collection-No Fee

    Easy to work with us.


    Handled by Experts.

    20+ Yrs of Experience

    Success rate of 85%!

    Dhanbad’s Most Reliable And Authentic Debt Recovery Agency

    We can assist you if you’re looking for a reliable debt collecting partner who will work as an extension of your firm. Most firms who are unable to collect past due debts can benefit from our debt collection service in Dhanbad while focusing on their core business operations.

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    Why use our commercial debt collection service?


    We have seasoned collectors who customise their approach and response based on the customers response or mindset. Our collectors try their best to collect with least friction possible. This is what sets us apart as we ensure both collection as well as customer relationship for future business.


    We do quality audits for all of our services to deliver seamless experience to all of our clients. We are accredited by major bodies that commends and recommends our services.


    We recognise that every debtor is different and that's why we strategize for each and every case based on the background and reaction of the defaulter. We have a full stack collection process for a business.

    Dedicated & Transparent

    Our clients have a dedicated account manager and collection agent who perform the requisite task as soon as possible keeping in mind all the precautions.

    Our Services

    Skip Tracing

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    Our Process


    Simple and quick client on-boarding process & case allocation

    Step 1

    Pre-Legal Amicable Collection

    Our seasoned collectors firstly, gain in-depth understanding of the case and then approach your client. Based on the interaction, we adapt the tone and tenor of the communication for collection.

    Step 2

    Legal Collection

    When the need arises, our seasoned collection lawyers can provide legal legal support to recover the money your clients owe. We have a nationwide network of local lawyers who will litigate on your behalf on a contingency basis.

    Step 3

    Industries we serve

    Broad Knowledge Base. Deep Insights.

    Case Studies

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    B2B Debt Recovery Solutions That Suits Your Specific Requirements

    As a trustworthy debt recovery organization, our B2B Debt Collection Agency in Dhanbad has set the right industry standards. Here, we customize our debt recovery strategy to fit the needs of our clients. Moreover, our professionals interact with customers and understand their requirements to perform the b2b Debt Collection Service.

    Unlike other agencies, we are not limited with debtor tracking and skip-tracing services. Our B2B debt recovery agents will make a professional site visit to collect information and negotiate with the debtor. In addition, our professional and respectful approach to debt recovery ensures that our clients maintain a positive and lasting relationship with their customers.

    “Our experts fix your B2B debt collection disquiets for a better future.”

    Maximize Your Recoveries Quickly And Cost-Effectively

    Stop chasing your past-due customers by taking full advantage of our robust b2b debt collection solutions. With knowledge of collecting debts in a wide variety of industries, our experienced team collects your debts quickly and cost-effectively so you can receive the payments you’re owed.

    At Kenstone Capital, we provide on-the-ground representatives who understand the methods of debt collection and maximize your recoveries. Our in-depth understanding of local laws, customs and cultures guarantees the best possible b2b debt collection outcomes.

    Our B2B Debt Collection Service

    Many businesses do not have the time or resources to collect on delinquent accounts, particularly when such efforts produce little results, and can place you in a position to violate the laws of debt collection. Regardless of your industry, Kenstone Capital can streamline the management of your receivable accounts.

    Our Debt Collection Features

    Our b2b debt collection service offers exceptional features which help you accelerate and maximize your cash flow.

    • Customized debt collection approach
    • Quick payments
    • Worldwide collection
    • Amicable approach
    • Expertise in the local law and practices
    • Maximum return on investment

    We Provide Industry-Leading Data Security & Compliance

    At Kenstone Capital, safeguarding your data and your customers’ data is our top priority. As a recognized leader within the debt collection industry, we aim to protect the data from malicious hackers by linking all security controls into a single framework that is controlled, regulated, checked and continuously strengthened through automation and oversight.

    Our industry-leading Compliance Management System (CMS) includes a variety of strategies, processes, services, and controls that ensure our top recovery solutions comply with federal, state, and local consumer laws and regulations.

    Benefits of Outsourcing your Account Receivables:

    Maintaining A High Standard Of Success

    As a well-established collection agency with years of experience and an unprecedented success rate, we understand how to manage this end-to-end debt collection process. Over the years, our team of experienced debt collectors have worked with innumerable customers and have a in-depth understanding of this process.

    Furthermore, we use proven collection methods combined with state-of-art technologies to get back the money you owed. Our partnership with extensive network of debt collectors, collection attorneys and other professionals help us to maintain a high standard of success in b2b debt recovery and accounts receivable management.

    Take The First Move To Get Back The Money You Owed!

    If you’re really looking for an appropriate agency that uplifts your debt recovery, then partnering with Kenstone Capital will make your day-to-day accounts receivable management significantly easier!

    Frequently asked questions

    At Kenstone Capital, our b2b debt recovery process includes combination of letters, e-mails and telephone calls made in the local language of the debtors. The exact sequence of our letters and calls will be based on the value of the debt, the response of the debtor, and in compliance with the law. Initially, a reminder letter is sent to the debtor within 48 hours of receipt of the case, with a follow-up call usually made between 1 to 10 days after the first confirmation has been sent. If there is no positive response from the debtor, then between 2 to 3 reminder letters are sent and further calls are made to the debtor at various intervals depending on the region.

    If we are not successful in collecting your debt during this phase then we will provide you with our recommendations for next steps, such as legal action, including the estimated costs and timescales.

    We try to reach the debtor through email, phone calls and sometimes even by fax, depending on the available information. We also attempt to identify additional information and trace the debtor in order to get in contact. In some cases, our agents may be used to trace or visit the debtor’s business premises.

    When it comes to collecting late debts, we do consider old invoices, but in general, the older the particular case, the lower the probability of full collection. If the oldest invoice is due for more than 180 days, an extra 2% fee will be paid on top of the standard commission rate after a successful recovery.

    It usually takes about 90 days to deal with each case. This also varies depending on the status of contact with the debtor. If we are not successful in the initial stage, we will provide you with our recommendations for further action.

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