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    Are you looking for a company that can fix your CIBIL score? Then KenStone Capital’s comprehensive and specialised credit repair services can help. Our CIBIL Score Repair Agency in Amritsar has a proven track record of getting the best outcomes in the shortest length of time. With the assistance of a highly skilled staff of credit score consultants, we will handle all of your credit difficulties and build an effective strategy for a financially stable living.

    Reduce Your Raising Financial Difficulties In Amritsar

    Amritsar is Punjab’s second-largest city and district. It is also one of Punjab’s fastest-growing cities. The city’s textile industry was famous in the mid-1980s. Amritsar’s industrial boom was halted following the 1984 Sikh riots, but the city still has many textile factories. It is well-known for its pashmina shawls, woollen clothing, and blankets, among other things. Maintaining a decent CIBIL score in this area, like in many other fast-growing provinces, is difficult.

    Factors that get affected and reported,

    DPD : Days past due

    This records the number of days an emi is paid late from the due date.


    can never be amended because once paid late it cannot be reversed. If somebody promises to remove or amend DPD then it's a fraud.

    Negative Flags

    Written off , PO WO Settled, Suit filed.

    Negative flags

    can be removed by making repayment to the bank.If somebody claims that they can remove the default or negative flag without making repayment to the bank then it's a fraud.


    Enquiries once made cannot be ammended.

    Approval to Enquiries ratio

    is considered during the process of loan sanctioning.

    Holding multiple Pan Cards

    It's a criminal offense to hold multiple Pan cards and the CIBIL's system is intelligent enough to capture this kind of fraudulent activity.

    CIBIL Score

    Cibil score is a dynamic aspect. It goes up and down based on the repayment pattern of an individual/company.

    Therefore CIBIL score can be improved by adhering to the positive repayment pattern.

    Conclusion: CIBIl Repair is a possibility and most of the issues can be fixed and can become eligible for a fresh credit from a Bank/Financial Institution.

    Beware: if somebody makes a false claim of removing negative flags from the report without making repayment to the Bank/Financial Institution then stay away!

    How our services work

    You are entitled to have an accurate and fair credit report and score!

    Tens of millions of Indians have errors on their credit reports.


    Even one negative item can cost you double, even triple digit decreases to your credit!

    Why use our CIBIL/Credit repair service?


    Since Kenstone Capital was founded, we have served 100's of thousands of consumers suffering from inaccurate entries in their credit report.

    We understand the legal framework

    We leverage every legal support available to fix your credit issues and help you become credit eligible.

    Understanding the credit repair process

    How long does it take?

    Unfortunately, there is no quick fix when it comes to credit repair and everytime one needs to go through the same series of steps involved in the resolution process. Therefore there’s no way to predict in advance how long it takes to fix your credit.

    That being said, we help hundreds of thousands of consumers each year fix their credit and typically they’ve have been with us for three months. With our team of credit experts, tech systems, our credit improvement and negative items removal process is streamlined to get you results

    On an average client uses our service for

    3 months

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    Create A Secure Financial Future With CIBIL

    CIBIL is one of India’s most well-known credit bureaus. It keeps track of credit-related information for businesses and individuals, such as loans and credit. Every bank and financial institution, in general, uses this report and CIBIL score when authorising a loan. The CIBIL score is a three-digit numeric representation of a person’s credit repayment history.


    A CIBIL Report is a summary of a person’s credit history over a specified time period. This report determines the CIBIL score, which is a three-digit number. As a result, maintaining a strong CIBIL score is quite important.

    “We’re here to help you meet your CIBIL score goals.”

    “Our Credit Score Repair Agency Experts help you secure your financial future.”

    A Methodology For Determining The CIBIL Score

    Credit departments effectively determine the CIBIL score using their own formula. The main components of a credit score revolve around a person’s loan and credit card repayment behaviour.


    This score usually ranges between 300 and 900, with a score of more than 700 considered exceptional, and such individuals can obtain their home, vehicle, or other supported loans in a timely manner.


    We Make The Credit Repair Process Simple And Profitable

    If you don’t pay your credit card bills or loans on time, your CIBIL score will be affected, making it more difficult to qualify for new credit cards, debit cards, or loans. Some online credit restoration organisations claim that they can instantly improve your CIBIL score these days. We recommend that you avoid these Credit Improvement Programs since they will not be able to handle your situation appropriately.

    Enabling Individuals To Achieve The Credit Score They Deserve

    As a reputable credit restoration organisation, our online CIBIL Score Improvement Agency in Amritsar has set the bar high. Our credit score experts will provide you with top-to-bottom structure and financial management training to help you monitor and protect your credit score evaluation in the future.


    When you apply for a loan, your CIBIL Score is an important factor that banks consider. Because the banking industry is dealing with a number of challenges, it has been cautious in providing loans to individuals. Currently, banks are lending money based on an individual’s CIBIL report. Apart from getting your home or car loan approved quickly, having a good CIBIL score will help you in a few ways:

    • It creates the appearance that you are financially stable.
    • Having a high CIBIL score allows you to expect lower-cost bank loans.
    • It may even be able to get your prepaid payments deducted, as well as the processing fee.
    • A credit card is swiftly granted to a person with a good credit history.

    The Prominence Of Upholding A Good CIBIL Score

    We understand that financial organizations like banks face plenty of disasters regarding credits and its reimbursements. They have grown continuously careful while advancing money to individuals. Along these lines, banks take the help of the CIBIL report before giving you credit cards or loans. Other than supporting the banks in the decision-making process, having a good CIBIL Score helps a person in a few areas:

    • It quickly amasses a positive impression among the moneylenders.
    • It offers an opportunity to manage the advances with a lower interest.
    • You can get some additional charges waived off.
    • A card will be assigned to you quickly at the hour of your need.

    Our CIBIL Score Improvement Agency Has Carved The Right Business Standard

    Our CIBIL Improvement Agency has set the right business standard as an upstanding and most solid Credit Repair affiliation. Our competent Credit Score Consultants reinforce you suitably with the top budgetary plan and help you with controlling your money for the attainment of a better future. Being a specialized CIBIL increase agency, we can help you with your CIBIL score check procedure, upgrade your credit profile and resolve all your credit related problems. Having our footprints across India, we repair CIBIL score of both the individuals and businesses with our customized credit score improvement services.

    Benefits Of Maintaining A Good CIBIL Score

    If you did not know, CIBIL Score is a powerful tool used by Banks across the country. As the Banking industry faces a lot of mishaps, they have become cautious while lending to avoid losses. Now, banks lend money only after checking an individual’s CIBIL report. Apart from the quick sanction of personal loan, home loan, and vehicle loan, maintaining a good CIBIL Score helps you in several areas:

    • It creates a positive impression about your creditworthiness.
    • A high CIBIL score lets you bargain for a lower interest rate with your lender.
    • It may even get your prepayment charges, as well as the processing fee waived off.
    • A credit card will be issued immediately to an individual with a good credit score.

    Lower Financial Risk by Leveraging our Solution

    In case you have an awful CIBIL score, stress not. Banks update the CIBIL information consistently. Thus, you can attempt to improve the rating over time. On the off chance that you’re dubious of how to continue, our CIBIL Consultants in Amritsar can be of better assistance.

    Frequently asked questions

    If you want to improve your credit score, there are a number of simple things you can do. You can improve your credit score by taking some simple steps.

    • First, make sure you pay your bills on time.
    • Down your credit card balances to keep your credit utilization ratio low.
    • Don’t close old credit card accounts or apply for too many new ones.

    If you have already got your Free CIBIL Score and Report for the year and want to keep track of your credit history, you can purchase unlimited access plans from CIBIL. With unlimited access plans, you can update your CIBIL Score & Report daily during the subscription period and choose either a 1 month (550/-), 6 month (800/-) or 12 month (1200/-) package. Also, you will have access to other CIBIL facilities such as Customized Loan Offers, Credit Monitoring and Dispute Assistance during the subscription period.

    Payment history is one of the most important aspects of your credit score, and even a 30-day late payment or missed payment can have a negative effect. Also, High utilization of credit limits are a major indicator of credit risk, and your credit score is adversely affected as your credit utilization ratio approaches and exceeds 40%.

    Your credit score may fluctuate throughout your personal loan experience. It may rise and fall for a few times, including when you apply for a loan, taking personal loan debt, and repaying personal loan debt.  Most personal loans are unsecured, which means that lenders use your credit score to determine how responsible you are with credit. But after you’ve been approved for a loan, your credit score can go up and down – sometimes both.

    High credit usage portrays the consumer as a credit hungry with a potentially higher risk of default. This has a negative impact on your credit score and can make it difficult for you to obtain additional credit facilities.

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