B2B Debt Collection FAQs

Sure, you can put as many cases as you want us to manage. You can also place a case with us and continue to make claims as they have been delayed.

By informing the debt collection agency about such updates, you will avoid being charged extra costs for the necessary reminders, address searches, asset determinations, etc.

In general, we don't have any upfront costs. We charge only an introduction fee depending on the location of the debtor. This is a one-off fee, after which we charge only a commission for a successful collection.

You can either contact case manager who is handling the case in Kenstone Capital or by contacting the Customer Relationship Team member that is assigned to you.

There's no fixed threshold for us to collect. The amount of the debt, however, determines the prices that we charge.

When the amicable procedure is not successful, the request for legal action will be determined by the collector. This is dependent on the financial condition of the debtor, the age of the debt, the approximate cost of legal proceedings, the available evidence and the likelihood of success. The timescale and expense of legal proceedings can vary depending on the country of the debtor and the amount of the debt. This is the consumer's decision only to take legal action, and the costs must be paid by the consumer.

If you want to withdraw the case against our recommendation during the amicable process, a withdrawal fee will apply. However, at the end of our amicable phase, you can choose to close the file at no extra charge.

You become a customer as long as you can place a case with us. This ensures that all payments received by your debtor after our involvement will be subject to our accountability fees. Please note that our debt collectors immediately start debt collection activities once you place a case.

The collection process takes varying periods of time depending on the circumstances of the claim. Usually, after three months of effort, we will make a recommendation for the next move, which may or may not include legal action.