In general, a PAN card is a unique identification number issued by the Indian government to all taxpayers. A PAN card displays a ten-digit alphanumeric code that helps the authorities to keep a record of the financial activities of an individual across all platforms. In India, PAN is an important identity proof for every individual.

A PAN (Permanent Account Number) is not the same as a CIBIL Score. PAN is a unique alpha-numeric identification number given to Indian citizens, whereas CIBIL Score is your credit score. PAN is significant because it aids in the prevention of tax evasion and serves as identification proof. Two people cannot have the same PAN because it is a unique number. According to Section 139A(7), an individual can only have one Permanent Account Number. Even if you lose your PAN card, you can get a duplicate PAN Card with the same number.

Therefore, even if you change your PAN card or number, your CIBIL score will remain unchanged. Other information in your credit score includes your date of birth, financial transactions, residential address, and so on. In case your PAN (Permanent Account Number) is modified, the CIBIL software will typically issue an alert in your account. It is recommended that people should not change their Permanent Account Number in order to increase their credit score. If they want to improve their credit score, they can do it through the below-mentioned ways.

  • Pay your credit card or loan instalments on time.
  • Do not apply for too many credit cards or loans.
  • Do not utilize the full limit of your credit card.
  • Monitor your credit report regularly and if you find any mistakes, rectify them at earliest.
  • Clear all the outstanding and overdue payments.

Why Pan Card Is Required To Check Credit Score Online?

Since all credit scores are linked to a specific PAN card number, you’ll need your PAN card to check your CIBIL score online. The PAN Card is used as proof of identity, address, and financial information. Your PAN Card makes it easier for credit bureaus to find your information quickly.

However, you’ll need your PAN card to apply for a credit card or a loan. Banks and other lenders have made it mandatory to request PAN card information while applying for credit cards and loans because it’s linked to all financial transactions.

Impact of PAN and Aadhaar on CIBIL Score

When applying for a loan or a credit card, the CIBIL score is very important. The credit score varies from 300 to 900, and the application is processed based on this score. A higher credit score lowers interest rates, while a lower credit score significantly raises interest rates. You should avail the free CIBIL score from different credit bureaus at regular intervals to take an informed decision.

The PAN card contains 10-digit number which is issued by the Income Tax Department, whereas the Aadhaar number is generated by UIDAI which includes 12-digit unique numbers.

In order to file tax returns, the Indian government recently made it mandatory to link an Aadhaar number to a PAN card. If you don’t follow it, the Income Tax Department would reject your ITR. Both the Aadhaar Card and Credit Score is important for an individual as it builds a unique identity of an individual.

Let’s See The Benefits of Linking PAN and Aadhaar on CIBIL

Linking of PAN and Aadhaar is essential and can create a positive impact on your credit score. An individual can link their Aadhaar Card with PAN either by logging into the e-filing portal or by sending SMS. Below-mentioned are some of the benefits of linking PAN and Aadhar.

  • Providing a PAN number is required for logging into any credit bureau website because it verifies an individual’s identity. Since Aadhaar numbers are linked, this reduces duplication.
  • Individuals in rural areas can now withdraw cash using Aadhaar-enabled micro ATMs. As a result, they are eligible to apply for any credit product.
  • The linking of a PAN card and an Aadhaar number makes it easier to monitor people who have multiple PAN cards and often apply for loans at different banks. This helps banking institutions in identifying a person who is involved in fraudulent activity.
  • A credit score can be easily obtained using your Aadhaar card. This is helpful when applying for a loan or a credit card.


In a nutshell, changing your PAN or Aadhaar number won’t create any impact on your credit history or ranking. Even if your card has been stolen and you want to request a new one, you can obtain duplicate documents with the same number.

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