Addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, drugs, and other substances are few examples of common addictions among people. The newest addition to this list of addictions, believe it or not, is Credit card addiction. Yes, you heard that right! Credit Cards can be addictive. But what happens when this magic plastic is no longer available? Although there is nothing wrong with swiping your card unless it goes out of hand and the person gets addicted to it.

Here are a few indicators that will help you find out whether you are addicted to the credit cards or not.

Exhausting Your Credit Card Limit Frequently

In case of a financial emergency, credit cards can be your lifesavers which allow you to manage a minor financial crisis without relying on others for help. So, if your credit card is maxed out once in a while, it’s not really a warning sign.

But, whenever your month-on-month bill exceeds your maximum spending limit is a sure sign of worry. If you find yourself in this position frequently, it’s time to figure out where your money is going, whats your spending pattern is, and whether you’re buying on impulse. Moreover, a high credit utilisation ratio negatively impacts the CIBIL score.

Hiding Your Credit Card Bills

Even though you are not a very secretive person, you are wary of disclosing your credit card debt to family members. The fear of being criticized by others for your absurdly large debt incurred as a result of careless Credit Card usage causes you to keep your Credit Card debt as secret.  Sometimes you’re so scared of checking your bill statement that you’d keep it hidden from yourself as well!

You’re in Denial

One of the most noticeable signs that you’re addicted to credit cards is denial. If you have no idea about how much your outstanding balances are and just sending in the bare minimum payments per month, then consider that – you’re still in denial.

Appling For New Credit Cards

Even though your wallet is heavy with the weight of many Credit Cards, you’ll get this compulsive desire to own a new Credit Card with enticing deals and rewards. Some credit card addicts keep applying for new cards, when they run out of cash and all of their existing cards are maxed out. (This does not guarantee that they will be considered for another one.) If you find yourself applying for any other Credit Card on the market, whether it’s due to a cash shortage or exciting bonuses, you’re a Credit Card addict.

Zero Savings

If you spend every paisa you earn on living expenses and have no money set aside for savings or investments, you’re probably living the high life with the aid of a shiny piece of plastic. Even if you’re paying your bills on time and there haven’t been any signs of over-leverage so far, it’s still not a healthy situation to be in. Spending all of your money on your regular needs and the majority of it on credit card payments indicates that you have a credit card addiction which will be considered as a bad financial health condition.

Borrowing To Pay

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your daily expenses and need to borrow money from family and friends to stay alive and pay your bills, you can be sure it’s because of your credit addiction. Moreover, some people may take out personal loans or other desperate measures to pay their bills without checking their expenses.

Ignoring The Increase In APR%

A typical credit card customer would be concerned if the APR percent on their card rises, as no one wants to pay a high interest rate. However, your interest for swiping credit cards is so high that you seem to overlook the skyrocketing interest rates. If you’re a credit card addict, you don’t mind paying extra interest on your credit card bills, and you keep track of your balance by paying only the minimum amount due.


In an outline, it is important to control your credit card usage not only for your CIBIL score but also to reduce credit card addiction in your life. Identifying the signs of credit addiction and find possible solutions at the earliest is highly essential. If you have trouble dealing with your credit card addiction and are looking for best-in-class credit solutions, you can approach KenStone Capital. At, KenStone Capital, we suggest a way to deal with your debt trap and can help you improve your credit health and increase your credit score in the long run.

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