Nowadays, customers turn to credit cards and borrow loans to fulfill their dreams and other financial goals. CIBIL score is one of the vital factors for obtaining the required access to credit.

Your CIBIL score and credit report are something more than a report, and there are many other things that this score interprets. But let us first know what is this CIBIL score?

CIBIL score is a three-digit summary of your credit history. This score is derived by using the credit history found in the CIBIL report, also called CIR. In simple terms, CIR is the credit payment history of your loan types and all credit institutions in a certain period. However, a CIR does not have information about your savings, FDs, or investments.

CIBIL score ranges between 300 – 900 and the more the score is more is your creditworthiness. Based on your CIBIL score, different banks including SBI determine how much credit limit you are eligible for and for what length of time you can pay the credit. 

A good/high CIBIL score acts as a catalyst in the approval of your loan application. Similarly, a lower CIBIL score signifies that you have low creditworthiness and banks like SBI refrain from giving loans to such applicants.

How does SBI interpret your creditworthiness by utilizing the CIBIl score for a personal loan?

A personal loan is an unsafe loan where the borrower does not offer collateral. As there is no security, banks often remain at high risk while approving the loan application. Your CIBIL score is one of the criteria that the bank uses to judge your creditworthiness.

CIBIL score 750 – 900

When a CIBIl score is more than 750, it is considered an excellent CIBIL score. When you have this CIBIL score, you are considered highly creditworthy and free from risks, and you will face no difficulty in obtaining a loan. You can also negotiate for a low-interest rate and a high loan amount.

CIBIL score 600 – 749

This is also a good range for a CIBIL score, but other factors like monthly income, existing loan amount, and employment status also determine your loan eligibility. With this score, you cannot do bargaining on the rate of interest or the loan amount.

CIBIL score 300 – 599

This CIBIL score is considered very poor. This mainly proves that you default on making your payments. A personal loan is offered against any collateral. It is always advised that people with this CIBIl score should enhance their credit score by constantly repaying all of their loan amounts and gain eligibility for obtaining personal loans from SBI.

How can you check the CIBIL score on SBI for free?

First, you have to visit the CIBIl website, where you have to give personal information like

  • Your first name
  • Last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth

In the next section, you have to give details of your address, such as

  • Address category
  • Full address
  • State
  • Pin Code

Then you have to give your identity proof which includes any of the following documents.

  • Ration card
  • PAN card
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Voter ID

After this, you need to click on the box given at the end that implies that you allow SBI to run a CIBIL check for your profile. After this, an SBI representative will contact you over the phone or by email.


All of the above information does not imply that a person with a low CIBIL score will evade EMI payment, and a person with a high CIBIL score cannot evade EMI payment. But it assists the lenders in differentiating non-good burrowers from good burrowers. So, if you find that your CIBIl score is less than 750, then start rebuilding it and make it more than 750 before you apply for a loan.


1. What is the minimum CIBIL score required for getting a personal loan from SBI?

You need a minimum 650 CIBIL score to apply for SBI personal loan.

2. What are some of the reasons to get a low CIBIL score?

Here are a few reasons that can lead to a low CIBIl score:

  • Non-payment of dues of your credit card or EMI 
  • Frequently applying for loan or credit card 
  • High use of credit limit
  • Frequent payment of minimum credit card due amount 
  • Closing older credit card
  • Withdrawal of card against another credit card
  • Failing to report error and fraud charges in your credit report.

3. Is it mandatory to have a CIBIl score for any personal loan application of SBI?

Yes, it is one of the critical needs or eligibility [parameters while revising a personal loan application for SBI.

4. Does personal loan settlement have an impact on CIBIL score?

Yes, it has an adverse effect on your CIBIl score.

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