Collecting a debt can be challenging, specifically when the defaulters move without updating the forwarding address. The longer it remains delinquent, the less likely you are to recuperate the liability. In such scenarios, hiring a debt collector who is capable of recovering the funds on your behalf will turn out to be the best choice.

According to research reports, outstanding collections of the debt accounts that are dealt through a B2B collection company will have about 50% chances of getting recovered before completing 90 days of the invoice date. Hence, it’s always better to hire a debt collection agency if you wish to stay safe in the future.


Hire a collection agency when the customer,

  • Fails to respond to your first effort to collect the debt.
  • Doesn’t follow through payment plan agreed upon earlier.
  • Completely refutes responsibility for the debt.
  • Submits groundless complaints about your business, product, or service when unable to pay.
  • His/her history showcases financial irresponsibility.


Collection agencies are commonly paid a percentage of an outstanding fund they recuperate on your accounts; however, they don’t own the debt. That is, once the money is collected, they hand over it to you by deducting a certain percentage as fees. A standard collection agency usually offers various services, including formal demand letters, calls, and emails.

While choosing any B2B debt collection agencies, it is crucial to analyse more than just the services offered by them. Let us look at some of the critical aspects you need to know before hiring a B2B collection company.

1. Be Alert of Claims

Don’t believe everything you hear about a B2B debt collection agency. Be cautious about the claims made by them in a sales call. The primary motive behind such calls will be to develop and increase their business. And, that’s the reason you are required to stay vigilant and research appropriately about the company.

2. Gain Suitable Knowledge

Before choosing any agency, you should acquire appropriate information about the membership groups such as ACA, RMA, and NARCA. While listing the prime debt collection accounts on some of the famous auction websites such as CapCon, you will gain access to the list of top-performing B2B collection agencies in your desired location.

3. Consider Collection Types

While hiring a debt collection agency for your small business, you need to consider the collection type, such as commercial collections (B2B), consumer collections (B2C), etc., along with the industry type and the location they serve. Not every agency is a classic fit for your business. So, learn more about it, its features, and services before opting any.

4. Look at its Reputation

You should look at the status of the collection agency as a whole. Recent reports claim that there are fewer collection agencies to choose from when compared to previous years, partly due to an intensification in mergers, closures, legal demands, and acquisitions. Although this implies there are better agencies in the market, you must also be wary of its long-term reputation. Investigate their history with collections and their plan for the future.

5. Specialization in your Industry

As mentioned earlier, not every agency will fit your business needs. Some collection agencies specialize in particular sectors, such as finances, utilities, healthcare, credit cards, and mortgages, while others serve a collection of them. So, determine the number of experiences a collection agency has in that specific area as it helps you in choosing the right one.

6. Maintain Communication

Last but not least, always try to maintain good communication with your agency and explain to them the details of your collectible debt. So, they can act effectively and try to recover your business debt faster and efficiently.

Questions To Ask Before You Hire a Prospective Collection Agency

When deciding to hire a collection agency, remember to ask the following questions upfront.

  • How much prior experience as well as training do you necessitate of your collectors?
  • What are your hiring policies?
  • Does your collection agency invest in industry education, employee training, and development?
  • Do your collectors comply with all laws and regulations?
  • Are they skilled in the FDCPA?
  • Are the interests of your collectors aligned with my business?
  • How will you offer a high-quality collection experience?
  • What is your collection process?
  • What different steps do you take while recovering a delinquent debt?
  • What type of reporting capabilities does your agency offer?
  • How can I measure the collection performance?

Now it’s your Turn

The bad shape of the economy has inevitably led to an increase in delinquent B2B related debt, and this rising bad debt expense is placing added pressure on today’s businesses. To resolve this financial pressure, a lot of firms are outsourcing the overdue accounts to collection agencies with the necessary expertise. If you are one among them looking to hire any third-party collection agency, consider the important things mentioned in this article before selecting any.

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