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What is ECN in CIBIL?

Access Your CIBIL Report by Obtaining the CIBIL Control Number

The applicant’s credit score is the primary consideration when evaluating a loan or credit card application. Your loan application will be approved based on your credit score. This is because it establishes your creditworthiness and represents your credit behavior.

You can benefit from speedy approvals on both secured and unsecured personal loans from lenders if you have a satisfactory credit history and credit score. Financial institutions and banks request a person’s credit score from authorized credit reporting agencies. The lender decides whether or not to approve the loan application based on the credit score provided by the agencies.

CIBIL, Equifax, CRIF High Mark, and Experian are the four principal credit reporting companies in India that offer credit ratings. CIBIL uses the control number or ECN to release your records upon request. This number is used to assist them in keeping track of your credit information. Here is all the information you require regarding the ECN.

What is ECN or Control Number?

An enquiry Control Number is more commonly referred to as a control number. This nine-digit identifier helps lenders keep track of the information for over a million loan applicants. Any person’s credit reports are kept in the CIBIL database as an ECN number.

When a lender accesses your credit report, the ECN number is generated. It is accessible in the top right corner of each individual’s credit report. You must include this number in all communications with CIBIL as it helps CIBIL in locating your credit report. No one will have the same ECN number because it is specific to your credit report.

What is the Purpose of Control Number in CIBIL?

Every time a person submits an application for a financial service, financial institutions conduct a thorough investigation. This is the time when the control number from CIBIL is used. Lenders examine a person’s credit record using this number to determine their creditworthiness.

However, ECN can be used to check the details of your account. No two people can share the same enquiry control number (ECN), which is a unique number.

Since it is a private number, people must get in touch with TransUnion CIBIL to obtain it. While checking their CIBIL scores online, people can also acquire their credit reports in addition to a control number.

How do you get access to your Cibil report using your Cibil Control Number?

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You can request a control number from the bank that is processing your loan. It may refuse to provide you with this information on the grounds that it is secret. In this case, it is preferable for you to request a copy of your credit report, which the bank will provide to you via mail. Now that you have your control number, which is listed at the top of your credit report, you can note it.

The second option is to speak with CIBIL directly and request your enquiry control number. You can call Cibil at 1-800-224-245, visit Cibil.com, or both, and submit a written request for your credit report in order to obtain your control number. For a small charge of Rs. 550, you can obtain your Cibil report. As an alternative, financial institutions often offer free online CIBIL score checks.

Every person has a right to receive their control number and credit report, which is protected by the Credit Information Companies Regulation Act of 2005, or CICRA.


Thus, tracking credit-active people and evaluating their credit behavior is made simpler by the control number in a CIBIL report. Before applying for any financial product on the market, customers should be aware of how to check their CIBIL score online.

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