KenStone Capture

A Built-in Support for Banking and Finance Organizations to Recover Vehicle Loans and Mortgage Loans with Minimum Hassle

Introduction to KenStone Capture

KenStone Capture is a premium vehicle repossession and mortgage loan recovery software used by major lending and banking institutions across the nation. It is known for its simple & intuitive dashboards and innovative collection solutions. KenStone Capture is a unified platform for banks and collection agents which is easily accessible via web or mobile. Regardless of firm size and type, any banking firm can use KenStone Capture to drastically reduce delinquencies and maximize their loan recovery.

Vehicle Repossession & Mortgage Loan Recovery Solution

KenStone Capital’s Vehicle Repossession & Mortgage Loan Recovery Software is a secure and centralized platform for agents and financial institutions with a robust tool for tracking, collecting loan EMI’s and maintaining records of the customers in real time. This platform has in-built modules for banks and agents to bring complete transparency in the process. Furthermore, you can select Non Movable and Movable to go through the process as shown in below image.This significantly aids banks and financial institutions as they can optimally utilize their resources while bringing about an upsurge in the overall House Loan and Vehicle Loan recovery.

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Offering Complete Vehicle Loan Recovery Solutions

Are you finding complexities in getting payment on vehicle loan EMIs from borrowers? Tired of sending dunning letters and reminder calls? No worries! Instead of sending authorization letter and making phone calls to recovery agency, you can use our KenStone Capture banking application to post the details of borrower whose vehicle need to be seized as shown below.

With this automated platform you can save time and resources. Whenever you posted the details of borrower and vehicle, it will appear in agent interface as New Task shown in the below image, and then one of our vehicle loan recovery experts will take up the job and start vehicle repossession process. With KenStone Capture, lenders can access a specific area of loan lifecycle for streamlining workflow, ensuring accountability and improving the vehicle loan recovery processing time.

How KenStone Capture Executes Vehice Repossession?

KenStone Capture can streamline the whole vehicle loan repossession process and improve the operational efficiency by ensuring greater coverage. To make the entire process easy and simpler, it provides three interfaces: banking interface, admin interface and agent interface.

  • In banking interface, lender can upload the data of borrower including their name, address, vehicle number, bank authorization letter and other required credentials.
  • Once they submitted the data, it will appear in admin panel as “job received.” Later the job will be assigned to one of our agents based on the location.
  • In agent interface, the job will reflect and also he will receive a notification as “task has been received.” In addition to that he can access authorization letter and other credentials of borrower to get started with the process.
  • Once the vehicle is seized, agent will send vehicle to the dedicated parking lot without making any damages. Later agent will click pictures and upload them in the agent interface with status as “Successfully seized the vehicle.”
  • Later, the admin panel will receive all the pictures of vehicle including the chassis number, engine number, engine bay and battery picture, interior picture, front, back and sides. In parallel, the bank will also receive the notification as “job done.”

Why Choose KenStone Capture Software for Vehicle Loan Recovery?

Choosing our KenStone Capture software helps you right from tracing the vehicles to seizing the vehicles. Automating daily operational tasks of collection agents minimizes the time spent on mundane and unproductive tasks while allowing them to focus on core business activities. With the aid of smart outbound systems, the vehicle repossession process can be optimized up to 3-4 times.

To ensure transparency in entire vehicle loan recovery process, it provides:

  • Agents tracking interface- GPS Status, Job Progress status, login details for bank manager.
  • Name of the parking lot, Location ping, Address, district, state, pin code, Owner of the parking lot, manager of the parking lot, contact number.
  • Reflection of number of vehicles at the parking lot and from number of days it’s been there.
  • List of vehicles parked under parking lot, bank, and branch.

Offering Complete Mortgage Loan Recovery Solutions under Enforcement of SARFAESI ACT

KenStone Capture is a domain enriched Mortgage Loan Recovery Software with complete end-to-end integration right from issuing demand Notice and Possession Notice to Valuation and Procedure of Sale. With KenStone Capture platform, you can work with a dedicated team of Security Enforcement experts to recover long standing dues at record pace.

It integrates with all mobile platforms to deliver swift and paperless transaction processing with reduced risk and greater limpidity. This solution efficiently optimizes the collection processes and provides the real-time view on recovery status while ensuring compliance with legal procedures of the country.

How KenStone Capture Executes Mortgage Loan Recovery?

KenStone Capture software for banks enhances any financial institution’s ability to execute its collections and recovery strategy. This fully automated workflow improves productivity by streamlining the steps of mortgage loan recovery under Enforcement of SARFAESI ACT and ensures complete follow through.  Here, you can see how KenStone Capture executes Mortgage Loan Recovery process:

  • On board lawyers
  • Assign Cases
  • Document Collection
  • Document Verification and Preparation of Section 14
  • Vsignature of authorized Officer from bank
  • Filing of Section 14 CMM, DC office and mailing the acknowledgement
  • Received the DC order and mailing the DC order
  • Pre takeover notice to be stuck to building and mail the photos
  • Send the order copy of thahasildhar to bank with position dates
  • Pay the challan for police protection at a concerned SP office and mail the challan
  • Case Status Flow, Get the Order and execute.

Benefits of KenStone Capture

With our highly automated solution; you can experience the following benefits:

  • Save your time and resources with online data  availability
  • You can Log in from anywhere since application is hosted on cloud
  • Optimized manpower owing to automation & system support
  • Managed risk  environment, reduces elaborate  supervision
  • Negligible record management due to availability of online data
  • Saves cost on storage & maintenance of hard copy records
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