Background Verification

We at Kenstone Capital bear a strong expertise in verifying the identity, profile and reputation of an individual.

Help you conduct a robust business by identifying a strong customer profile that assures 100 percent returns and minimal risk.

How Kenstone Capital Can Serve You?

Loan frauds by submission of fake documents are wide and rampant. In these cases loans once disbursed it gets extremely difficult to recover.This is where we come into existence by providing timely services in helping you ascertain the veracity of documents submitted.
There are certain scenarios where people are so smart that they manage to get an illegal document the legal way which makes it impossible to identify the fraudulent intent.Therefore we do a full circle verification starting from there birth to current state to prevent any such mail intentions.

Strategize, Create and Deploy a foolproof Anti-Fraud background verification Framework.

Work with a dedicated team of Background Verification Experts to arrest losses

We help you ascertain the following of a borrower

Education Verification

Background Verification

Criminal records check and police verification

Reference Check

Address Verification

Collateral check for secured loan

Benefits of choosing Kenstone Capital

  • Highest ethical standards and Fair debt collection practices
  • Leaders’ in background verification
  • Global coverage with strong local presence
  • Highly trained and sophisticated background verification team
  • Tech enabled and fast paced seamless service

Why Kenstone capital?

We are on a mission to solve the global debt crisis and arrest losses. Are your assets suffering because of defaults?

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